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March 27, 1970 Friday


8:10 PM

March 27, 1970

Everybody is in church. Security has asked me to stay indoors.

Played golf at our Mansion Golf Course which I had previously christened the Caniao Golf Course. I was swaying and my timing was off but I did birdie the monstrous dogleg, par 5 No. 6. To reach the opening of the dogleg for we could not cut too many trees, one must make a 280-290 yard drive. The greens are lush but we cannot cut the grass too short as there is lack of water and some of them are shaded.

We have about finished the conference room or building extensions. There are seven rooms on each wing, the large conference room and if a second floor should be put, it would be more comfortable than the guest house. We are preparing this for the Seato Military Advisers Conference on April 2-3. The Military Advisers have breakfast with me on April 4th at Malacanang at 7:30 AM.

Was interviewed by Mr. and Mrs. Rindl of Austria who were brought all the way for the interview.

Have approved the Third Investment Priorities Plan. Sec. Makasiar has found a prima face case of Anti-Graft against Dep. Gov. Benecio Eusebio of the Land Authority. The son of Gov. Estrella Jimmy has been exonerated.

But my suspicion is that they are both guilty