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April 7, 1970 Tuesday


April 7, 1970

I write this also at 11:30 PM at Dole Phil. in Ronnie Velasco’s cottage.

Lazy day. Woke up at 9:00 AM. Golf at 10:00 to 12:00 AM. Lunch at 12:45 and then we heard the news of the earthquake. Intensity 7 at Manila, 5 in Laoag and Legaspi, 4 at Calapan and 3 at Catarman. Epicenter of this tectonic earthquake 197 kms. North East of Quezon City. Pedro Guevarra School Annex collapsed. It is now the center of relief operations. 51st Eng. Brigade, PC, PB and Red Cross there. 4 teachers recovered. one dead. 4 others in the city may be dead.

International and MIA facilities for air navigation damaged. Temporary systems established.

Alex Melchor and Johnny Ponce Enrile apparently taking care of things very well.

Imelda cooked crab in banana leaves with garlic and ginger for dinner.

Talked to the children by the Dole wireless system through a phone patch at 2:00 PM and again at about 8:30 PM. Irene was more concerned about Pugger their Pekinese than about anything else. They were evacuated to Pangarap. Only one 10 inch vase Sang de berg of Imelda at the reception hall crashed. Parts of the chandeliers fell and Malacanang has some more cracks.

Dinner and reminiscences of criminal practice and Yamashita’s treasure and the war up to 11:00 PM with Ronnie and Linda and Paul and Phyllis Sink.