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April 10, 1970


12:30 PM

April 10, 1970

Have just met with Minister Adam Malik of Indonesia after the state dinner for US Sec. Gen. U Thant. Foreign Minister Rajaratman of Singapore also here.

Warned him of Osmeña and his partner Larry Truckman who has a lurid past of gun running and selling in South America.

Postponed trip of Pres. Suharto to the Philippines because of the Maoist plot to embarrass him and me from May to latter part of this year.

Discussed the Cambodian question. He feels the ICC should be brought and backed to drive away the Vietcongs so that Cambodia can be neutral.

U Thant was able to address the joint session of Congress where he was cheered not only by the members but by the picketers for a higher minimum wage.

But he may be embarrassed in the UP as 200 graduates have anticipated their desire to stand up and leave if he addresses the graduation. So there will be a private ceremony in the President’s office of the UP

We certainly have come down to a new low in international stature.

And we will have to do something about this when I have finished with the economic questions of Circular 289, the export tax and minimum wage.

Met with Joe Maristela whom I must introduce to Johnny so we can prepare the legal aspects of the case of plotting a coup d’etat. We will infiltrate the plotters with our men from the PGB or PS. And prepare alternative plans.