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April 18, 1970


11:13 PM

April 18, 1970

Have just had dinner with the children while Imelda took dinner with Lindy and Cecile Locsin. A lot of ribbing and punning with the children. Imee reported that her mother “is the biggest cheater in the Jane Drew exercises.” In the sit-ups from lying on the back, she pushes up with her hands on the floor. On the bending to touch the toes
opposite the touching hand, she spreads her legs so wide there is no effort to bend, etc. They were all good-naturedly reporting to me that after the ladies go through the exercises, they order all kind of food from the restaurants “so now mommy has gained one pound.” All of them have big hips “forty inches.” That is bigger than my chest at 37 inches I commented. Bongbong proudly claimed that he has only six inches to catch up with me – which claim the girls in a chorus questioned. A jolly good time – then my barber and dentist, the latter working on the teeth left by the Japanese Kempei Tai in Fort Santiago.

Ordered the NBI, the CIS, PC and Metrocom to give support to the investigations of Rep. Pablo Ocampo on vices and corruption in the city which involves the mavor and his brothers, police officers and Chinese as well as an area commander of the Metrocom, Lt. Col. Calderon who has asked to be relieved.

Last night there was a story that Commander Dante was in the Far Eastern University Hospital for slipped disk – but negative results of a check.

We must reactivate the assignment of highly trained squads to track down and get each Huk commander. The squad leader who is a highly trained officer should do nothing but think and act on his mission.