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April 22, 1970


12:55 AM

April 22, 1970

Met with the Congressmen all morning. Wednesday is Congressmen’s day, Worked out with Cesar Virata and Greg Licaros, the final shape of the export tax bill in conference with Sen. W. Lagumbay, chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means who is suspected of receiving lobby money for the special treatment given to certain commodities; Congs. Castillo and Chiongbian as well as Lening Veloso the House Majority Floor Leader.

Spent the afternoon on the Army problems and the plans for counter-subversion.

Located the two islands in Indonesia where Larry Truckman, Osmeña’s partner, is logging under a concession granted by Pres. Suharto.

Received the surrender this morning of Commander Sandoval, the top HMB of Nueva Ecija. He is willing to surrender his men.

A certain Dr. Nicdao is negotiating the surrender of Dante but Dante is afraid of Ninoy Aquino (whatever that means).