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April 26, 1970


11:05 PM

April 26, 1970

AID is pulling out at least twenty percent of its personnel as the U.S. decides to withdraw aid all over the world. This has been in the offing for several years. But perhaps it is about time we cut off all aid to us and really be self-reliant.

We are losing $7 million daily in dollar earnings because of the refusal of the senators to pass an acceptable export tax bill. They want to sterilize the entire proceeds in the Central Bank. But our debts are coming up. At the same time the senate version prohibits further borrowing. It amends the Charter of the Central Bank and stops all open-market operations of the bank.

So I have called a caucus of the congressional leaders tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM to work out a compromise.

Boni Ysip reports that another military group headed by Ex-Gen. Tiro Fajardo has organized and is in touch with the original group of Terry Adevoso.

Ex-Pres. Macapagal and family has left for Dacca, Pakistan. Adevoso and some other cabinet members of his including Mayor Asistio saw him off.

Ex-Sen. Domocao Alonto has arrived from abroad and wishes to see me. His Ansarul Islam is still being talked about as supporting secession from the Philippines of the Moslem areas. But we are organizing the loyal moslems to fight back if they start anything.