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April 30, 1970


12:10 AM

April 30, 1970

Magalang, Pampanga at 8:50 AM – 40 minutes by Huey helicopter ( and Reynoso as pilots) from Malacañang, for the new approach to land reform.

San Isidro, Magalang for an inspection of the Home Defense Forces or the self-defense forces. It is a model. They have a good 93 men. But their trenches need overhead cover as the Huks have M-79’s.

10:30 – Fort Magsaysay, 30 minutes by helicopter. Graduation of 6 months trainees mostly from Ilocos Sur and Pangasinan; 34th Anniversary of the Tabak Division and a demonstration of the Infantry Batallion with tank armor, artillery support (105’s and mortars 81 & 42) and helicopter transport. We must improve our artillery and use the helicopters for fire support. Communications good – all messages in Tagalog. The “over” sounded strange when translated into “Tapos.” Air drop of the pathfinders off the drop zone. Vice Chief of Staff Romeo Espino dropped with them from 6,000 feet. In actual combat they drop from 12,000 three days before combat to mark out the drop zone. Two of them were carried by an updraft two miles beyond the camp.

Objective was a hill marked with a circle. Artillery preparation four minutes only.

Arrived Manila by Fokker 2:30 – 30 minute flight. Conference on Labor Day possible violence. Golf – only 5 holes. Have recovered my wrist action and am hitting harder.

Cesar Virata and the export tax bill at 8:30 PM while I was conferring with Ralph Nubla. Cesar came with Dr. Sicat who has agreed to take over the chairmanship of the NEC. He is a UP professor.

Then met with the labor leaders headed by Johnny C. Tan who all denied they had anything to do with the withdrawal of the invitation for me to speak at their rally tomorrow. Instead I invited them to lunch where my speech will be videotaped for broadcast at 6:00 PM.kabataa

The MDP and Kabataan mav start violence tomorrow.

But if they learn we are prepared to take severe counter-action, they may not even attempt to do anything.