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May 6, 1970

[Note: Dated April 6 but numbering and location indicates it was written May 6]


12:25 AM

May 6, 1970

Aboard the 777

We are off the coast of southern Cotabato and will be docking at 5:00 AM to leave for the Dole Pineapple plantation for golf at 6:00 AM. Tee-off time is 7:00 AM. We go to the airfield, an hour’s drive away at 10:00 AM. I take off not later than 11:30 AM for Manila as I must meet with Ambassador San, personal representative of Indonesian Foreign Minister Adam Malik in Malacañang at 4:30 PM, conference with Cesar Virata at 5:00 PM on the program for the restructuring of our indebtedness and another conference outside at 6:00 PM

Imelda and the children will sleep in Dole then return to Manila by boat. I hope to meet them half-way in Mactan.

Ambassador and Mrs. Byroade are coming with me in the Fokker tomorrow.

The Ambassador and I have been able to work out some difficulties about the bases and the negotiations to come. So I am instructing Sec. Makasiar to work out all the details.

And the resolution filed by Cong. A. Diaz of Zambales to request me to declare Admiral Lambert and other base officials as persona non grata I have asked to be stopped. Cong. Diaz has become a pompous impertinent tyrant according to Mayor Gordon of Olongapo.