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January 10, 1971 Sunday


9:30 PM

January 10, 1971

Bongbong called up from London to say that he and Kokoy arrived at quarter to eleven London time which would be quarter to six in the evening Manila time. He was able to sleep in the plane sitting up and London is not bitter cold as they expected but only as cold as the day Bongbong left. He goes to Worth Abbey School tomorrow at 4:00 PM.

Intelligence reports indicate expectation of use of explosives by Algerian-trained demolition men and target date for major disorder and violence July and August to continue up to the political campaign for local elections.

I attach an intelligence report on this.

Congressman Pendatun and Ex-Cong. Raschid Lucman are reported engaged in subversive activities in Mindanao and Indonesia.

I attach the report of Ambassador Farolan in Indonesia.

The Manila Chronicle, today, has come out with a vicious front page editorial. I attach a clipping as a sample of the Lopez campaign of hate.

I also attach a memorandum prepared on the reasons for this blackmail.

Spoke before the new labor center of Kits Mendoza after meeting the Pinagbuklod na Manggagawa nang Pilipinas headed by Bert Oca.

We must keep the laborers and the farmers on our side.