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January 18, 1971


10:00 PM

Jan. 18, 1971

We have decided to call a demonstration of our own to take over the space at the Congress on the 25th when the leftist radicals intend to cause trouble. We hope to place 100,000 people to displace the trouble makers and thus avoid violence.

I have also accepted the decision of the House of Representatives to set the opening ceremonies and my State of the Nation Address at 1100 AM. There are all kinds of rumours flying around: one says a grenade will be thrown at me and my car; another is to the effect that a photographer may be the would-be assassin; the radicals are preparing strike forces who will hit back at the police; snipers will be posted at the tall buildings; Congress will be besieged for three days, etc.

The Solicitor General reports that the Public Service Commission never acted in banc on the motion for reconsideration; the provisional rates appealed on a petition for certiorari is the basis for the new rates charged by Meralco. The final decision is under the law unenforceable while on appeal. So if the appeal of the provisional rates is withdrawn, then there would be no basis for the new rates being charged.

I have left the matter to the Secretary of Justice and the Solicitor General.

The Auditor General when asked to conduct an audit of the Meralco books of accounts claimed that they had finished the audit of the books May or June last year. He acts suspiciously.

Atty. Jose Mirante, who practices in the Public Service Commission reports that one million pesos was given to Com. Medina and each of the four Associate Commissioners ₱250,000.00 each. And each of the four commissioners now receive an amount of ₱20,000 annually.

So we may have to file criminal or administrative cases against them.

Today I order the Presidential Economic Staff to list down the monopolies, combinations, trusts and cartels so we can dismantle them.

I have directed a general study of rates reduction of all public utilities including the Phil. Long Distance Co. and the transportation companies.

I enclose the directives.