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January 2, 1972 Sunday


1:30 AM Jan. 3, 1971

January 2, 1972

Sprained the second smallest toe of my left foot last night playing golf. And Dr. Canto says it is positively a gout condition which my injury exacerbates.

So I have been immobilized the whole day and night.

Could only use the telephone.

Heard mass in a wheelchair. Have been moving around the room in crutches as any pressure might cause farther swelling.

Gen. Yan called up to say he was not informed of the retirement of the generals. He seemed to be sulking. I reminded him that we had been talking about retirement of all generals by January 15, 1971.

He was not interested in an ambassadorial position in Vietnam or Berne. Ayala made him an offer for an executive position some time ago.

I meet the generals on the 4th.