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January 6, 1972 Thursday


10:50 PM

January 6, 1972

This morning I met Sen. Tanaka, leader of the opposition in Japan and the mayor of the city.

Worked on the reorganization of the Bureau of Customs with Com. Geoliva removing Collector Mascardo from the MIA.

Then finalized the preparations of Bobby Benedicto before his departure for his Tokyo ambassadorial appointment.

Gave final instructions to Blas Ople, Dr. Orosa and Adrian Cristobal on the State of the Nation address. The international situation and the forces over which we have no control but which may adversely affect our country; the rending apart of the old structure of international relations (Red China admitted into the United Nations and in the Security Council; the U.S. slowly pulling back into what could be Fortress America, India, the old leader of the neutralists now openly joining hands with Russia against China and the U.S. and Pakistan, the transition from polarization to pluralization and the flexibility of the foreign policies of nations etc. these must of necessarily affect us bevond our expectations.

And so has the monetary policy of the U.S., Japan, Germany, etc. – the big team the revaluation of currencies.

We must also explain the limitations and constrictions that prevent the attainment of our objectives.

Ambassador Byroade came to transmit the message of Pres. Nixon before his visit to Moscow and Peking that there will be no agreement of mutual withdrawal from Europe, no political agreements and no arrangements above the hands of allies – that nothing unusual should, therefore, be expected from these meetings.

Then I met the Concon delegates from the Visayas.

The Concon committee on Legislative power chairmanned by Ex-Speaker Domingo Veloso has just voted for a parliamentary form of government by a vote of 22,9,2 (the 2 being abstention). The other committee (on Executive Power) should also report out a parliamentary svstem.

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