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June 2, 1972 Friday

June 2, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Imelda is suffering from pain and from a deep sense of love and sorrow for the abortion about which I have told her. She feels inadequate and has been crying her eyes out.

I have shed no tears for my unborn child but I have vowed that I shall cure this sick and ailing society that has brought about the anguish of my wife which caused the abortion. For the media has been vicious – it has condemned for a crime not charged, fasted gossip as truth and disregarded rights of fair and impartial trial.

And this sick man who has committed perjury, libel and bribery has done me at least one favor. He has opened my eyes to this illness of our society that may yet destroy it. And my duty and mission is now to cure that illness.

Imelda will go to the Makati Medical Center tomorrow at 7:00 AM for D and C ( Dilatation and Cure ) then rest the whole day and go to Malacañan in the evening.

He have just discovered that notwithstanding his protestation that he is a poor man, he has a one-year time deposit of P100,000 the Ermita Branch of the Philippine National Bank.

This was confirmed tonight at 11:00PM by Pres. Villatuya of PNB who woke up his cashier who remembered this transaction.

But the cashier remembers it was a treasury warrant that was deposited of over P103,000.

However, there is something strange here because he is supposed to receive only P46,000 as retirement pay which he declared in his latest income tax return and which he declared as apart.

So where did the P100,000 come from?

And so he is not as poor as he claims.

His house in Japan was declared by him for $10,000 in 1960, $12,000 in 1963 and $20,000 in 1966 although the exchange rate was about P4 to the Dollar.

The he had deposits of $37,500 – the United States while he has not declared and now it cannot be trashed in his declaration of income as well as property.