June 13, 1972 Tuesday


12:30 PM


June 13, 1972


Malacañan Palace


The Senate has rejected (at 10:30 PM) the Roxas appeal to the Senate of the Committee on Judiciary decision to suspend the investigation of the Quintero raid by a 10 – 10 with Sen. Magnolia Antonio abstaining, Almandras voting against (after I had talked to them, Magnolia with a little beat when she kept referring to her conscience and I ended by saying that I merely wanted her to know that I was asking a favor) and Magsaysay baring called to vote in favor at 6:30 (In restating his promise to be absent.

This strengthens our position to let the judiciary decide the issue of the legality of the issuance of the search warrant and its execution.

And strengthens the persuasive powers of the Presidency.

It also presents an image of unity among the Nacionalistas specially after Vice President Lopez read my speech yesterday, Independence Day.



June 13th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


The speech has been well received.

The Ceremonies, however, must be disturbed by it as I call the bases a limitation of our sovereignty.

It is necessary to adopt a forthright stand on the bases to remind the Americans that we are doing them a favor by granting it and they should acknowledge it with the extension of the Laurel-Langley agreement, the support of our self-reliant military plans and the exclusion of long range missiles and nuclear weapons from our country.

I am still weak as I found out when I tried to exercise but I remember how I received the Gold Cross (Amahan Seal) where I led the men in breaking out of an (not readable) in Panupdupan, Kiangan although I was in the infirmary burning with fever and chilling from pneumonia in 1945 at the start of the evening attack.

So I have decided to personally lay the Wreath of the Unknown Soldier’s Tomb tomorrow on

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