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July 7, 1972 Friday

1:40 AM July 8th

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July 7, 1972


Malacañan Palace


The parliamentary form of government won out in the Constitutional Convention against the Presidential form of government by a vote of 160 against 118 with three abstentions and about 27 absent. Some of the men identified with us like Leido, Puzon & Salva voted for the presidential form of government.

If this constitutional reform is ratified, the way is open for me to become Prime Minister.

If it is not ratified, Imelda may have to run for President as there is no other candidate that can win against Liberals.

But the parliamentary form of government will save Imelda from the muckracking of politics.

The Liberals must be agitated now. And so must the Senators. For a unicameral form of legislature will follow. And they are out.

National Security Council meeting at 9:00 AM. I attach the papers on Seato Envelope XXI – A with nocopy.

Reports on Isabela and Mindanao.

Diokno is beginning to sound off again on martial law.