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July 11, 1972 Tuesday

12:00 PM

July 11, 1972



Malacañan Palace



The four teams of the 4th 1B led by Lt. Santos captured 100 M-14 rifles and 30 boxes of ammunition (7.62) as of 1840 today.

I suspect that the insurgents were able to carry out anywhere from 200 to 400 rifles and 20,000 rounds of ammunition assuming that the reported 200 settlers in Divinisa are NPA’s used as cargadores carrying two guns each and 200 rounds of ammo.

The Dumagats and other civilian cargadores are supposed to have abandoned the NPA’s from the shock of the rocket and machine gun bombardment as well as the 75mm. shelling from the RPS Pangasinan. Some of them have been interrogated and they confirm the landings of arms, ammo and other supplies in May and June.

Some of them insist the saw a submarine surface and land the serve equipment and supplies.

I attach in Envelope to XXXI-C the reports on the Palanan battle.

But the reaction time of the troops was too long. Otherwise we might have captured all the arms.

I have ordered all reserves to Palanan for pursuing