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August 13, 1972 Sunday


Aug 13th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace



Gen. Ramos (Chief of PC) reports landing in Cam Sur of 60 – 70 rifles by motorized banca from Northern Luzon several weeks ago.

There is a report of an attack on San Vicente port NE part of Cagayan. And the barrios on the east coast of Cagayan Province have been taken over by the NPA.

The communists are tenaciously holding on to their Pacific coast camps.

The ploy may be to cause a diversion in the plains west of the Sierra Madre but return to the Diguyo and Digollorin area to recover the arms they most have cached in some old camp or possibly a care.

Although I think that they were able to escape from Diguyo, Digollorin and Divisina, with a substantial number of firearms.

And they may have been able to infiltrate them into Manila.

So we are preparing for the efforts at sabotage, tomorrow and assassination in the city planned by the communists for the month of August and September as shown by captured documents and testimony of prisoners.