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August 30, 1972 Wednesday


10:40 IM

August 30, 1972

Prepared the specific areas for clarification to be sought from the Supreme Court by the Solicitor Gen. like just compensation and no confiscation.

Imelda could not go to Leyte with the children as there is a low pressure area of Samar and it has been raining in Tacloban since last night. Weather deteriorating.

Right now it is raining here. Started raining since this morning at 9:00 a.m, and up to now.

And I had a rise of my blood pressure because of lack of sleep. Slept from 11:00 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. then a snatch of sleep of about 30 minutes. So I felt tired this morning.

Had to take Librium 10 at noon to sleep after the doctors (Zagala, Huang, Yap, Dicini in that order) saw me and Imelda fed me a light lunch in bed. Slept up to 4:20 p.m.

Then talked to Sen. Perez, Bert Sabido on the help Georgia-Pacific, the biggest wood company and plywood buyer in the U.S., could give our wood processors.

Had a splitting headache. had to see my dentist at the PGB clinic (Dr. Primo Gonzales) to have some fillings changed.

Then Dr. Bautista on my nose congestion.

Ordered rice to be procured by barter so that we do not spend any of our badly needed funds. (Barter is allowable only with countries we do not have diplomatic relations with — Red China for one).

Danding Cojuangco seems to be the only one who can get Red China rice.

And the brown rice from the U.S. to be milled and bagged at the Free Trade Zone.

Mayor Layaon was here. He is the man who was tortured and beaten up in the Nalundasan case but refused to be used as a witness against me. Now he is vice mayor of Bangui. And I am helping him all I can.

The tariff amendments may be approved by the Senate tonight.