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November 26, 1972 Saturday*

*This should be Sunday

(Office of the President of the Philippines)

1:00 AM Nov. 27th

Nov. 26, 1972

Issued orders on the Progressive Car Manufacturing Program, Rules on Land Reform delayed but set the guidelines, cement and textiles and the cancellation of sales and bases of public lands as well as titles granted inside the city of Baguio.

Met Amb. Jayme Zobel of London who agreed to stay a few more months after December. Directed USec. Collantes to seek special rules for the deductibility from declared income of personal expenses of ambassadors in Tokyo, Washington, Paris and London as well as a new policy on availability of dollars for this.

Then requested Ralph Nubla to go on an economic mission to Hongkong and Taipeh to get the Chinese threat to invest in the Philippines.

Worked on “Constitutional Dictatorship” as a part of my new book.

And finished my paper work.

Imelda inaugurated the Heart Research Center yesterday (GSIS) and today the Bd. of Censors Projection Room, then attended the Bagong Anyo ’72 at the Nayon Pilipino.

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