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7 Jan. 1973

There has been a proliferation of printed material (from reformist quarters) asking the people to vote “No” in the plebiscite. Meanwhile, TV and radio are going full blast telling the people the opposite view – to vote “Yes” (which is not surprising with media under government control). Despite overpowering government propaganda, my hunch is that people will reject the MC in a plebiscite. Only trouble is that I’m sure there won’t be any plebiscite. I just told the folks in UPH and they were rather skeptical about my conclusion. Well, let’s just wait and see what happens.

The people simply hate FM so much that they refuse to believe that the satrap would deprive them of their only chance to boot him out of power. Their last remaining hope, so they say. I’m afraid the people are in for the biggest disappointment in their lives. What this means is that we can now see a build-up and development of a revolutionary situation in this country. The jettisoning of the plebiscite hastens the politicization of the majority of the people which is a big factor in the struggle.