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8 Jan. 1973

Following up retirement papers. After having made a number of difficult decisions in life, I consider my decision to retire from the service as no problem at all. Matter of fact this has been one of the easiest decisions I’ve made in my iife. Why? The answer is simple – incompatibility! I just couldn’t imagine myself playing an active role supporting a dictatorial government that exists, not by the will of the people, but through sheer force, terrorism, intimidation, coercion and duplicity.

The AFP has betrayed the Filipino people. There are those who bask in t,he glory of FM’s New Society at the moment. But history and future generations of Filipinos will render the proper verdict on these men whom I consider as the new class of traitors in our country’s history.

I took my oath of commission to defend the Constitution, not the unlawful and unconstitutional acts of a man in power at the moment. To continue in the service means complying with orders and instructions of a dictatorship that has buried democracy in our country deeper in its grave.