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10 Jan. 1973

FM and Romulo have stressed need for national security measures in light of probable end of Vietnam war, according to the papers. The trouble with the chief representatives of the ruling class – like FM and Romulo – is that they are so fond of using the term “national” in such phrases as “national security,” “national interest,.” “national objectives,” etc.

When they mouth the term “national security,” what they actually mean is security of the privileged ruling class and its American masters in this country. When they say “national interests,” they actually mean the vested interests of the ruling class and its alien masters. When they say “national objectives,” they actually mean the goals of big business and agrarian overlords to further entrench and consolidate their economic and political hold (“stranglehold” seems to be more descriptive) on the people’s livelihood and economic servitude.

In a nutshell, one must consider such excellent “patriotic” rhetoric in terms of class interest. “National security” should read “ruling class security,” “national interests” should read “ruling class interests,” “national objectives” should read “ruling class objectives,” etc., etc., ad nauseam.