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4 April 2020 (lockdown enters 4th week)

I’m pregnant again after I lost my first baby last year. I’m afraid of coronavirus but not so much because there’s no confirmed case in our neighbourhood. Going hungry worries me more. No one can go out to work because of the lockdown. We don’t have money to feed 15 mouths in my mother’s house, where my parents, 12 nephews and nieces, my husband and I are packed like sardines.

My husband was supposed to start a new job painting houses and earn money for my delivery, but coronavirus stopped the project. Today, he’s lucky to find extra work at the wet market. A fish vendor needed an assistant, but just for today. He had to walk more than one hour to go there because there’s no public transportation. He will have to walk home again. It’s ok. The P400 (£6.50) he will earn will go a long way.