March 23, 2021 Tuesday

My seven-year-old son Boni approached me early in the morning to say that Auntie Liza has fever. I felt sucker-punched by the news. Is it Covid-19?

We rely on Auntie Liza to take care of the children while my husband Buck and I work on weekdays. She arrived from Antipolo a day earlier, after spending a weekend with her son. She did look a little pale and she had a cough, but there are a million things a cough can be other than Covid-19, right? Her sense of taste and sense of smell were fine.

I started taking notes of the slightest symptoms. Our eldest, Leica, 12, has diarrhea. Boni has a cough now. Buck and I have cough, too. I’m still telling myself not to panic, but I knew we needed to be tested immediately. We found a testing center that offered home service and booked the earliest possible appointment.

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