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March 28, 2021 Sunday

I heard Boni talking to his friend Jaida*, whose family was also struck by Covid-19 a week earlier. “Hey, I tested positive, wanna play Roblox?”

How sick is this that young children are talking about their Covid-19 results?

Buck now has fever. I am worried about him because of his autoimmune condition.

At this point, both adults are symptomatic but the kids are all asymptomatic. We thought it was possible Leica and Boris got the disease, too, because they were exposed to us. We decided against bringing them to my mom’s house.

We asked them to wear masks at home, but Leica was hesitant. I know she must be thinking it’s a violation of whatever little semblance of normalcy she had at home. They’ve been locked up in our house for over a year now. I pity my children.

*Names were changed to protect their identities