March 13, 1970 Friday


10:55 PM

March 13, 1970

The open skies has been implemented with our giving through CAB two frequencies to PAN AM and two to Northwest one of which is through Tokyo to the U.S Benny Toda is going through hysterics in seeking to stop these grants but if we would increase our tourist trade we will have to increase the flights. It is a case of private interest against the public good. So there is no choice. And I have ordered CAA Administrator Ablan to give cargo unloading and storage space to both PAN AM and Northwest as well as a fringer in the new terminal each, such to be constructed at their expense. Both promise to spend a million dollars each for the propagation of the tourist routes in the Philippines.

Had lunch with Sen. Diokno, another of those who aspires to be President although he denies it. He told me the oil companies make profits on their crude oil purchases from their mother or affiliate companies setting their own price and on the cost of carriers, the latter about 15 to 20%. At his suggestion I asked Com. E. Medina of the PSC to see to it that after the increase of 5 centavos for jeepney fares, even if gasoline prices should go up as the crude oil inventories of the refineries is only up to April or May, there should be no further increases of passenger fare.

Bung Tanco seems to be doing well as my action officer on prices. But Nanding Lopez wants him to work in the Department of Agriculture now.

Asked Gov. Estrella and Eusebio to quit quarelling and attend to the land reform problems.

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