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About Niall O’Brien

About the author: Niall O’Brien (August 2, 1939 – April 27, 2004). Born in Dublin, Ireland, ordained a Columban missionary priest in 1963,assigned in Negros in the 1970s where he organized a cooperative. Arrested anbd put on trial in 1983, released in 1984. He died in Pisa, Italy.

About the diary: Entries are taken from Seeds of Injustice: Reflections on the Murder Frame-up of the Negros Nine in the Philippines : from the Prison Diary of Niall O’Brien, by the author, self-published, The O’Brien Press, Dublin, 1985.

From a thousand pages of four diaries I have chosen those parts which will help totell the story, making minor alterations for the sake of clarity and omitting what I felt was irrelevant, inopportune or too personal for the occasion.