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About Rodrigo de Espinosa

About the author: Rodrigo de Espinosa, served as an assistant pilot in the armada of Legazpi.

About the diary: Taken from “The Excerpts from the Logbooks of the Pilots on the Armada headed by Miguel Lopez of Legazpi with their notes on the first sighting of the Islas Filipinas and the first landings on these islands,” in the year 1565. Document (s. 21 from The Philippines Under Spain: A Compilation and Translation of Original Documents, Book II (1561-1573): The Legaspi Expedition Conquest and Colonization, edited by Virginia Benitez Licuanan and Jose Llavador Mira, The National Trust for Historical and Cultural Preservation of the Philippines, Manila, 1991. The specific extract begins with the following:

Excerpts from an account made by Rodrigo de Espinosa, pilot of the patax San Juan of the armada for the discovery of the Islands of the West, the General of which was the Most Illustrious Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.

Also in Colección de diarios y relaciones para la historia de los viajes y descubrimientos. V, Esteban Rodríguez 1564-1565, Miguel López de Legazpi 1564-1565, Esteban Rodríguez y Rodrigo de Espinosa 1565, Instituto histórico de marina, Madrid, 1947.