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About American Trooper

About the author: Identified only as “a trooper,” the articles, however, end with the name “Huntington,” though no name is given. The first article gave this background:

The experiences of one of our soldiers, as told in extracts from letters home, will, we think, be followed with interest by all who have young friends on their way to the front. The first letter was written a month before Commencement, when the question of enlisting was still undecided. We expect to publish other letters from the present writer and from other soldiers. What is written by soldiers to friends always gives the most direct and intimate knowledge of the conditions of soldiers’ life.

About the diary: Published as “A Trooper’s Diary” in The Outlook: A Weekly Newspaper. Three extracts were sourced:

  1. May 7 to August 27, 1898: “A Trooper’s Diary: From Amherst to the Presidio,” p. 775

2. January — April, 1899: “IV. Life in Manila: A Trooper’s Diary,” p. 121

3. January — April, 1899: “VII. Last Days at Manila,” p. 356

Of these, relevant entries were 2 and 3.