Author: Alexandra Suplido

July 11, 1975

    Malacañang Manila July 11, 1975 Went to Sierra Lakes (Caliraya) yesterday for a day of skiing. Slashed my right thigh with the tow rope grip while turning left. The Dutch and Australian champions demonstrated the jump, tracking and slalom. Amazing, skiing on one foot (barefoot) and turning. The Jeddah meeting of the Islamic..

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June 27, 1975

June 27, 1975 Foreign magazines are trying to romanticize the Moro National Liberation Front, to the Phil. Govts prejudice. I attach the latest copy of the Far Eastern Economic Review which publishes an alleged interview with Abdul Khayr Alonto, former Vice Mayor of Marawi City, son of ex Gov Madki Alonto, my fraternity brother, who..

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May 28, 1975

    Office of the President of the Philippines Malacañang May 28, 1975 The force of nationalism has always been underestimated by the great powers. This they did again in Indo China --specially the United States. Americans are still asking the question as "to why our (American) Vietnamese did not fight as well as the..

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