Diary of Claire Phillips

March 6, 1943

Fear for my sanity, really. My book is a comfort. Can let my hair down to it and it alone.

February 17, 1943

Have colonel where I want him. Madly in love with me . . . I know he’ll do anything I ask him now.

January 23-30, 1943

I don’t know how long I can take this face slapping. Twice tonight… Leg better today. But still swollen. God how I hate them.

June 4, 1942

[feeling like] the girl in Rebecca,… this is a rich relation’s home, not mine… eating like a pig …everything tastes so good.

April 14, 1942

…so loud we must shout to be heard. We’re in a tight spot, but can move. Pray we come through safe.