Diary of Fay Cook Bailey

May 8, 1942

T:V.T. headline—Corregidor falls. Gen. Wainwright surrenders all American and Filipino troops in the islands. Much conjecturing as to fate of internees. Are we to be… Read More »May 8, 1942

May 7, 1942

Fall of Corregidor—More reports regarding Corregidor fall. Food and supplies committee at T.J. Wolff’s office started operating. Cullens resigned. News from outside good regarding Europe… Read More »May 7, 1942

May 5, 1942

Hot nights—prickly heat. New Red Cross board has Alejandro Roces, Vicente Madrigal, Camus, Jacinto, Sison, Paez, Luz and Aguinaldo with Madrigal (not Marabut) as treasurer.… Read More »May 5, 1942

May 2, 1942

Japanese having successes in Burma. American planes and men reported in Australia in large numbers. No confirmation of situation in Germany, but heavy bomb attacks… Read More »May 2, 1942

May 1, 1942

Still very hot. Tempers are getting shorter. In Althea’s room great discussions regarding space. Reading detective stories also—The Sun is My Undoing and Mildred Pierce.… Read More »May 1, 1942