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Diary of Leo Arhutick

Feb. 2 — 42

Going on three day rest today. Moving all our equipment with us, and the Filipino Army are taking over our position.

Jan. 15 – 42

Moved back to Cabcabbin [Cabcaben] Field. Being bombed and strafed by the Japs everyday. No rest for the wicked.

Jan. 1 – 42

Working at Pillar [Pilar] Field. Ships going in and out, and were always watching for bombers.

Dec. 25 – 41

All Christmas Day was spent in moving our stuff off the boat to our new camp. We had no Christmas dinner.

Dec. 15 – 41

Been working practically day and night, and got the day off today. Went to Manila, overnight, and got tight and had a good time.