17 Feb. ’45

Martin type enemy planes again appeared. Due to our machinegun fire they hurriedly flew away.The 1st tank unit departed. There may be support from our troops in the rear. All our comrades in arms have sworn to die. [diary ends here; 18 Feb. 1945 entry is blank] 0

16 Feb. ’45

One Martin shot down. One heavy tank is seen … the enemy comes fighting vigorously and bravely using superior weapons. The automatic rifle is one of them. The reports and smoke of artillery fire are incessant, and the sight is indescribable. 0

15 Feb. ’45

Friendly planes cannot be used. Tanks approach, it becomes a fierce fight. We have many disadvantages. Five men from this Machine Gun Unit went to relieve another unit but one man was wounded and 1st CI Seaman Nakagoshi was killed in action. About 2000 [hours] we buried him. 0

14 Feb. ’45

According to reports our troops to the rear are said to be preparing for a general attack. It seems that we may have support from our planes. It is a pitiful state of affairs, for men are continually being wounded and killed. 0

13 Feb. ’45

The enemy approaches closer and closer; concurrently, we cannot cope with the enemy’s concentrated fire. Positions and houses are either destroyed or burnt. It is estimated that the enemy is using about three Divisions composed of Americans, Australians, and Filipinos.                     Artillery shells made several direct hits on the Headquarters. The confused fighting is spreading. We are being encircled by the …

12 Feb. ’45

It is said that the main strength of our Army Forces is to the rear of the enemy and is preparing for a general attack. Battalion Order cancelled. 0

11 Feb. ’45

Empire Day. Since today in Empire Day we can count on a general attack carried out by our troops. Several dozen enemy planes attacked. Fierce fighting as being waged everywhere. Our telephone lines have been severed in several places. The falling of shells becomes more incessant. 0

10 Feb. ’45

According to Headquarters we will carry out at least a desperate stand. Part of the enemy tank unit was driven back. Several dozen enemy planes attacked. The battle is becoming fiercer and fiercer. 0

9 Feb. ’45

“No water”, we cannot use the water from the water main. Quenched my thirst with muddy water. The enemy motorized unit approaches –We will withdraw to the Headquarters. Two men will remain for observation.                   — At midnight, the two men left behind also were forced to withdraw due to the unceasing fierce rain of shells. 0