Saturday, May 14, 1898

Frs. Rossell and Algue report on their mission to the captain general. They relay to him some of the grievances presented in Cavite and describe the anarchical state which reigns in the southern Cavite peninsula, where the tulisanes lord it over since the Spanish troops have abandoned it. 0

Friday, May 13, 1898

In a telegram from Frs. Algue and Rossell, they say they have spoken with the leaders of the Cavite insurgents with very good results. They are now on their way back from Cavite. 0

Jueves 12 de Mayo 1898

El cañonero español Callao que venía de la Paragua ha entrado en bahía y se ha metido candorosamente entre los barcos norteamericanos que lo han apresado. The Spanish gunboat Callao coming from Paragua to obtain information has entered the bay and innocently sailed among the North American boats which impounded her. From Noveleta, Frs. Algue and Rossell telegram the same …

Wednesday, May 11, 1898

Frs. Rossell and Algue telegram from San Francisco de Malabon to announce they have been in Cavite Viejo where there are many good people enthused for the cause of Spain. They hope to win over the insurgents. 0

Tuesday, May 10, 1898

A Japanese warship anchors in the bay. Frs. Rossell and Algue write from Imus the people are in excellent disposition and that the civil and ecclesiastical authorities admirably support their plans; that they observe the people feel for Spain; that some insurgents remain in the mountains. . . . that they do not think the Yankees have reached there. . …

Monday, May 9, 1898

Frs. Rossell and Algue leave for Imus. The first of the boats that arrived leaves Manila Bay, one of their crew having just died, it is believed of bubonic plague. Another German warship enters the bay. 0

Thursday, May 5, 1898

Frs. Algue and Rossell call on the archbishop to offer their personal mediation to rally the Filipino people around the Spanish flag. They suggest, and the archbishop accepts enthusiastically, the idea of consecrating the archipelago to the Sacred Heart. A British man-of-war has entered Manila bay. A Spanish pilot was provided on request to guide it to the anchoring ground. …