August 13-17, 1936

August 15 at Rafferty’s dinner (Grawfus). I sat between Alfonso Sy Cip and Romulo, head of the Herald. Romulo told me of his dramatic defiance of General Wood, when the latter called him on the carpet for the attitude of his paper–(all of which was published in the Herald at the time); of the magnificent impromptu speech by Quezon in defense of my administration at a banker’s dinner in San Francisco. Romulo also said Manuel Roxas is “laying low”; that Quezon was mentioning my name to be first for inscription on the gold plate to be put up at Malacañan (on the first anniversary of the Commonwealth) to commemorate those Americans &c &c–Romulo also remarked: “it would be terrible if the Republicans won the election in the United States.”

Reception at Malacañan this night. As we had dined first at Colonel Garfinkel’s at Fort McKinley, we arrived after the reception line had dissolved and after the Rigodon had been danced. Quezon was in very good form and was pleased to show various improvements he had made in the Palace, which is now lighted by the great chandeliers from the old Ayuntamiento and was cheerfully bright for the first time since the Cimmerian darkness of the Murphy regime. The cabaret downstairs was dreadfully overcrowded. No whiskey was served at the bar. Dancers were streaming with sweat. Traffic, however, was better managed than I have ever seen it, for three different parking places were provided with a telephone to each. The refusal of Quezon to have whiskey and soda served surprised me more than anything I have ever known him to do. It can hardly have been the monastic influence of his predecessor! Anyway it made most of the guests leave early to dash for the Manila Hotel. However, Quezon himself, went to bed at 10:30 so he can’t have cared how early the guests left. Mrs. Quezon appeared, and was very agreeable.

Sunday 1-22-99

Practiced at the Palace all a.m. & Tabocalaria [Tabacalera] in p.m. Went to call on Senorita Marcelanna in p.m. then the Glee Club serenaded the Cal. and Palace boys. Sent letter home & to Tops. Also to Miss Caughran. Ships in line o’ battle order and all soldiers sleep on arms. A large lot of ammunition got to Aguinaldo today.

Monday 1-9-99

Bugles played Pay Day March. Formed at Palace at 9 a.m. Got $39.12 –owed $13 to Sanford, $5.50 to Senora Rivera for two white suits, $1 to Frank Coombs, $2 to McCarren, $2.35 Canteen, Washing $1.20, Barber $.45, Cap $.50 –p’d all my debts. Now, I’ll commence to save for the ring is paid for. Just received pay, when we got orders to dress for the field & to stay in barracks. For several days the Filips in city have been going away with their goods in wagons, carromettas [carromatas] &c –to the country beyond our lines. The Filip soldados swarm all over the city, coming in by the hundreds –but very few seen going back. The natives have stopped saying “Amigos” and are surly & ugly on the streets and walks. Everyone feels uncertain –for we know very little about the strength of he insur’s, and they may fight like Sepoys. Their priests tell them we will make slaves of them. Senora Rivera told me that they were all talking about it, and a battle was a sure thing soon. Shots are frequently heard on the outposts. Several buffaloes and a few natives being kill during the night. Much gambling going on today & some have already lost all their dinero.

Friday 1-6-99

Platted in a.m. until 10 when I took road to Palace. Took dinner with Senor Y Senora Rivera, who are very well fixed. Dinner consisted of soup, fish –fried, rice and peanut bread, fried chicken brown gravy –fried bananas, sweet breads & candies –wine, vino tinto dulce; fruits &c &c. Coffee was served in another room with cigars. Told me great tales of Spanish cruelty and hunts for alligators, snakes & baboons. Senor is a doctor medicine. Home all p.m. & eve. Senor Rivera lives at #14 Calle Looban.

Friday 12-16-98

Surveyed country between b.h. 11 & 10 –ran across a large rope walk– where the making of Manila rope is all done by hand. Platted map in p.m. Went to Tenn. camp in eve, stopped at 6th Art. on the way and then along the Luneta to the walled city. The Luneta is the ruins of the most famous drive and promenade in the world. Hundreds of carriages were lined up along the walks and there was talking, singing and laughing everywhere. Many Spanish ladies, wearing the finest silks –and hair in great puffs and rolls– Spanish prisoners –natives, and everywhere the U.S.V’s and regulars, in white. Several bands were playing and we gave them a few songs. Thro’ the walls, passed the palace to 233rd U.S. Inf., thro’ the walls again along the park to the 2nd Batt 1st Cal. where we sang anf were entertained like princes. Barracks close to the Ponta [Puente] Espanol. Then to the 1st & 3rd Cal. Batt’s and in the “Quartel del Forum,” then home via “Calle Real Concepcion” and “Calle de M[arques de] Comillas” to our own “Calle de Canonico.” When we reached to 4th Cav. we heard 3 shots and thinking our companies might be called out, ran. When halted by the sentry at the gate, we learned Co. D had been out ½ hour, for we were late on our pass. Took haversack and belt & canteen & rifle out caught up with Co. D at bridge on “Calle d Nazalledo” where they were halted awaiting orders. Threw out line of pickets and searched everybody who passed. Were recalled about 1.30 a.m., but kept pickets posted. Co. slept with clothes on and on arms the rest of the night. The Penn. pickets had been fired on –which was the cause of the call to arms. When the call sounded at 9.30 p.m., one man was so excited that he put his belt on over his shirt, and fell in without pantaloons.

Tuesday 12-13-98

Am on detail to get information in regard to insurgents outposts and strength. Went in carriage to 8th Army hd’q’rs at Palace in walled city for surveyor’s instruments. Palace is a splendid building for this neck o’ woods. Rigged up a drafting table. In eve quartette went to Palace & sung to Co. F 2nd Or. Treated royally then sung a marching song to quarters of 2nd Or., where we sung more. Home at taps. Sung as we went to Palace to S. Dak. and several other regs.

Saturday, Dec. 10th, 1898

Manila, Luzon Island –Entry made in parlor of No. 2 Calle Santa Elena, Tondo.

Cool, cloudy weather. Want rain bad, because my water jars are getting empty. Remained at home during the forenoon reading newspapers & arranging Spanish manuscripts from the prison & the arsenal at Cavite for my library.

A Spanish artilleryman – private – commenced taking lessons from Rev. Owens in English for which he teaches Spanish. A Chinese boy also takes lessons in English. My parlor or reading room is used for this purpose. The back room & kitchen are now used by Mr. D. Brown. The supposition being that the Owens are renting them to him & are responsible to me for half the rent of this house $17.50 mex.

Cooked my own breakfast, took dinner with Rev. & Mrs. Owens & supper with Bros. Hines & Lloyd at a Chinese restaurant in Binondo square or Plaza.

Visitors 8.

Afternoon called at the post office. Rec’d a letter from Bro. Wm Eletson & one from Lieut-Com’dr G. Blacklinger of the U.S. S. “Charleston”. Latter granting request to hold services thereon.

Went to the Palace in Old Manila & read & corrected the proof of the Soldier’s Passes being printed for me.

Gave Bros. Chester Blaney 30 San Francisco War Crys for force distribution in the 2d Battalion of the 10th Pennsylvania Vol. Inf. viz., 15, No. 569 ed. Oct. 22d; 15 No. 570 ed Oct. 29th . Also prepared bundles of Crys for our trip to the fleet & Cavite tomorrow.

Friday 12-9-98

Every reg. in city is ready at a moment’s notice to fall in and go to the trenches and outposts. Co. D has already left when I got back. Co. M left soon after. Slept until 5 p.m. and posed as a hero the rest of the day. A prisoner was sent in and says Aguinaldo intends to attack the city in 5 days. All high officers expect trouble and there are some reg. in arms all the time. Our orders are to assemble at the Palace when alarm is sounded. Wrote to Tops. Mail got in today. Letters from home, Topsy, Jennie Adams and Gamble. Wrote home.