11th day, Jan. 7, 1945

We have done a good day’s job. Col. Abcede came to see us this morning. He impressed me favorably on first sight. He looked modest & humble. He is an understanding fellow. He does not have the arrogance & the condescending air of Peralta. He is charming with his officers, but the latter have a high regard for him. He came in with various officers of his staff. They are all nice fellows. What great things we would have accomplished in Panay if we had officers of their kind and character.

They enjoy listening to our remarks on Peralta. They wonder why Peralta has been behaving as he has towards civil officials.

They are treating us royally here. We have just returned from Maj. Hollero’s CP. He has a fine family and a very charming wife. We got there Palm Olive [soap], tooth brushes and 1,000 rounds of buckshot.

Why didn’t Peralta give us the same things?

We have passed a great day. It’s the first time in ten days that [I] have been out. My strides were firm and steady. Everybody here is telling me [I] look strong & healthy. Thank God.

We are tired but satisfied. A shower has made me feel fine. What a day!

8th day, Jan. 4, 1945

Maj. Ben Hollero, DQM of 9th MD is here today with Capt. Nolan. They are rabid anti-puppets and pro-statehood elements. Maj. Hollero is a great fellow.

I found PA officers here respectable, dignified and intelligent. They are broad minded and strongly condemn abuses of soldiers. They heard unfavorable information about the PA in Panay.

E.J. comes to see us almost every day bringing one sort of thing or another. He is a fine and affectionate fellow.

We eat good fish here. It is fresh. Fat crabs are also in our menu for two days already.

Gen. MacArthur radios that I wait for transportation.

The war situation in Europe is in a critical stage—the German counter-offensive is still raging, though contained.

I thought that articles of agreement among the allied countries were so clear as to admit only one interpretation. Pres. Roosevelt, however, discloses that each party to the pact has his own interpretation, differing from one another.

The Philippine war situation is moving closely to suit us. But we cannot help it.

If we don’t get out during the next two days, I would be much bored here.

I am happy to know that I have a following here in Negros.

Dr. Jose Locsin has made a fool of himself by condemning the guerrilla here in Negros.