July 15, 1972 Saturday

11:15 PM

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July 15, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Met the Mayors of Ilocos Norte with the governor, congressman, treasurer and auditor.

Distributed about P8 million of their share of the excess of income tax which I have asked the BIR to allocate.

Will do the same for the other provinces.

Before that met with the Sec. of National Defense, Chief of Staff and major service commanders on the establishment of naval stations at Bicobian Bay, Casiguran and San Vicente, airfields close to them, finish the road from Ilagan to Palanan as well as the (not readable) logging rand from Maddela to south of Casiguran with the help of the loggers (had Sec. Taico in the conference as well as as Al Lim and Valeriano Briano whose logging concession includes Palanan and south Dagallorin River.

We have decided to organize a brigade from the 1st Regular Due (Tabak) to sweep the eastern part of Isabela to capture the estimated 400 NPA’s who are up to now concealed interest.

The boys that assaulted the 1st camp had to rest and the weather was foul.

Malacañan Palace


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July 15th (Con’t)

Manila Times and Daily Mirror, Chronicle and ABS-CBN are belittling the Armed Forces as usual as well as the achievement of the discovery of the smuggling of firearms.

I announced today that the conspiracy for subversions, insurgency and rebellion is more alarming than we originally imagined. And we are reassessing the contingency plans of the military.

This will probably be given a big play tomorrow.

Although I did say that there is no reason for hysteria or panic become the Armed Forces can handle the situation.

In accordance with the decision this noon Task Force Palanan has been organized.

I attach copy of instructions.

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July 15th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


The media, specially the newspapers, have forfeited their right to freedom of the press. They have abused it to the point where they actually seek to falsify news.

The prime example is the “karagatan” case and the fighting in Palawan.

There must be some way to prevent those irresponsible advocates of not press freedom but press tyranny from weakening the state and the democracy that gives them the liberty that their friends, the communists, seek to destroy.

Chino Roces, Juan Mercado, Doronilla Granada, the ABS-CBN TV-Radio group, Renato Constantino, even the Bulletin and the Herald are guilty of this abuse.

Our informants tell us that they have met and agreed to belittle the communist gun – running and the NPA training camp in Diguyo.

I have a clear conscience in fighting them.

June 29, 1972 Thursday


11:00 PM


June 29, 1972


Malacañan Palace


I went to Chino Roces’ house to wish him a Happy Birthday. Arrived at 7:15 PM, left at 9:00 PM with Alex Melchor.

First much bantering and fencing specially when Sen. Ilarde, Max Soliven and the other critics arrived. Chino said that I had the massive support of the media, referring to ABS-CBN, Chronicle, Herald Bulletin etc. And I said the Manila Times was the only newspaper in the Philippines that mattered. He then laughingly declared he was going to sell the Manila Times and I answered in mock – seriousness that I would organize a group to buy it.

Delegate Napoleon Rama arrived to loudly announce “The President is not coming to see you!” then recoiled in shocked silence when he saw me laughing at him.

But later I pulled Chino off to a corner to talk to him seriously. I asked him to help me unite the country at least for the last year and a half of my administration.

He asked me to announce that even if I should be nominated I would not run.



June 29th (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


He asked me what I was willing to do to convince people that I was not interested in reelection & answered, anything provided I was not humiliated.

He claims that he is convinced that I am not going to run but that we had to convince the people. Specially since the people wanted a change of leadership. And that the next President would not be a Nacionalista. I kept my counsel to myself.

And I thought I could trace suspicion in his voice when he asked e what I would do if the peace and order situation deteriorates. Immediately I told him I would follow the advice of the Supreme Court. Perhaps suspend the visit of habeas corpus and arrest as your people but that at the end of 1973 even if there were a revolution I would step down.

He commented, “But you have to straighten things up before you step down.” And I answered “That would be the purpose but I would still step down.”

We ended up with the agreement that we would continue the dialogue.

I left before dinner.

June 1, 1972 Thursday


10:20 PM


June 1, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Imelda lost her baby at about 3:30 PM. She started having panic this morning. All internal examination showed that the uterus was larger than before pregnancy and the cervix was not open.

But without her noticing it, she expelled the placenta and the body when she was heavily sedated.

So we are preparing to bring her to the Makati Medical Medical Center.

This has come as a (not readable) to both of us. After my speech at the (not readable) and the General Staff College I rushed back to the ship but I was so (not readable) that I slept from 6:00PM to 8:30PM when we agreed to bring Imelda to the hospital tomorrow or Saturday.

As usual Chino Roces and his (not readable) (not readable) Publishing Co. PNS under Juan Mercado as mounting a propaganda campaign against me, the First Lady and now the NBI with (not readable) of planting the money in the raid on the Quintero residence, half-truths and speculations.



June 1st (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


I attach the reports of the raiding party of the NBI headed by Asst Director Arthur Figueras showing that the raid was legal, peaceful and orderly.

A direct bribery case has been filed or will be filed by the NBI against Delegate and possibly Mrs. Quintero in Pasay.

This morning I met with the Sec. of Justice, Solicitor General, Chief State Prosecutor Gancayco, Manila Chief of Police Gen. Tamayo, his deputy Col. Jimmy Barbero, NBI chief Col. Jolly Bugarin the chief of the NBI raiding team Asst Director Arthur Figueras and Manila Police Sgt.

I directed that they take over the case of the bribery case and see to it that the (not readable) of Delegate Quintero and others who may be accused and his witnesses be protected.

Cong. Mate went to State Prosecutor Gancayco to confirm his statement under oath that was the basis for the grant of the search warrant and will now be the basis for the criminal case of bribery that will be filed.