February 3, 1942 – Tuesday

Nothing unusual during the day. At 10 p.m. I was already in bed when the phone rang. It was the Chief Justice telling me to get dressed as we had to go to the vault, to perform a secret and delicate mission. I dressed hurriedly met them at the entrance of the Malinta tunnel and we proceeded by car for the vault. The guards were surprised at our unannounced visit. A few minutes after we arrived, Commander Parker U.S. Navy and some men with two station wagons arrived followed closely to the Staff of the U.S. High Commissioner. We worked incessantly all night. The work was performed with military proficiency, no noise, no conversations. We finished our mission at 4:30 a.m. What a relief! I returned home very tired and exhausted. I forgot to mention that at 7 p.m. Colonel Roxas, Colonel Nieto, Colonel Marron, Major Romulo, General Drake and myself went to the S.S. Legaspi for dinner — and what a dinner. We ate like wolves.

I was happy to receive a letter from Tito and one from Colonel Quimbo. Tito sent me 5 boxes of good tonic.

February 2, 1942 — Monday

The question of the President’s trip to the U.S. was again discussed by the President and General MacArthur. It was decided that in case our forces in Bataan are pushed back by the enemy, General MacArthur would advise the President. His further stay in ‘the rock’ would be unnecessary and his capture by the enemy would prevent him from continuing the fight in the U.S. In the afternoon, the Vice-President, Chief Justice Abad Santos, Colonel Marron and myself walked to the Navy tunnel to see him. We met Admiral Rockwell and his Chief of Staff. We had to return as the President was looking for me. The tunnel was cool, clean, interesting.