March 30, 1946 – Saturday

At 9:45 a.m. called on General Eisenhower at Pentagon building and explained object of my mission. He showed plenty of interest and called by phone General Bradley and fixed an appointment at 11 a.m. Called on General Bradley who had all his staff with him, and explained what had been done and what has to be done. Had dinner with Colonel & Mrs. Whitmore at Army and Navy Club.

Baguio, May 10, 1942

Last night, Radio San Francisco announced the arrival of President Quezon in that city. And to prove the veracity of such assertion, it also announced that the dead Quezon who was “killed” by Radio Tokyo was going on the air. True enough, Quezon spoke over Radio San Francisco. His voice and energetic diction were unmistakeable. He affirmed that he had established a government in exile in Washington, and that he and his government will work day and night to effect a return to Manila with the help of the American forces. Unfortunately, it was not to be as soon as we were hoping for.

Together with President Quezon were Vice-President Osmeña, General Valdes, Carlos P. Romulo, Don Andres Soriano, Major Nieto, and Doña Aurora Quezon and their three children.

The same radio station announced that the number of officers, soldiers, and marines, who had surrendered in Corregidor amounted to eleven thousand, mostly Americans.