June 2, 1972 Friday



June 2, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Imelda is suffering from pain and from a deep sense of love and sorrow for the abortion about which I have told her. She feels inadequate and has been crying her eyes out.

I have shed no tears for my unborn child but I have vowed that I shall cure this sick and ailing society that has brought about the anguish of my wife which caused the abortion. For the media has been vicious – it has condemned for a crime not charged, fasted gossip as truth and disregarded rights of fair and impartial trial.

And this sick man who has committed perjury, libel and bribery has done me at least one favor. He has opened my eyes to this illness of our society that may yet destroy it. And my duty and mission is now to cure that illness.

Imelda will go to the Makati Medical Center tomorrow at 7:00 AM for D and C ( Dilatation and Cure ) then rest the whole day and go to Malacañan in the evening.



June 2nd (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


He have just discovered that notwithstanding his protestation that he is a poor man, he has a one-year time deposit of P100,000 the Ermita Branch of the Philippine National Bank.

This was confirmed tonight at 11:00PM by Pres. Villatuya of PNB who woke up his cashier who remembered this transaction.

But the cashier remembers it was a treasury warrant that was deposited of over P103,000.

However, there is something strange here because he is supposed to receive only P46,000 as retirement pay which he declared in his latest income tax return and which he declared as apart.

So where did the P100,000 come from?

And so he is not as poor as he claims.

His house in Japan was declared by him for $10,000 in 1960, $12,000 in 1963 and $20,000 in 1966 although the exchange rate was about P4 to the Dollar.

The he had deposits of $37,500 – the United States while he has not declared and now it cannot be trashed in his declaration of income as well as property.

June 1, 1972 Thursday


10:20 PM


June 1, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Imelda lost her baby at about 3:30 PM. She started having panic this morning. All internal examination showed that the uterus was larger than before pregnancy and the cervix was not open.

But without her noticing it, she expelled the placenta and the body when she was heavily sedated.

So we are preparing to bring her to the Makati Medical Medical Center.

This has come as a (not readable) to both of us. After my speech at the (not readable) and the General Staff College I rushed back to the ship but I was so (not readable) that I slept from 6:00PM to 8:30PM when we agreed to bring Imelda to the hospital tomorrow or Saturday.

As usual Chino Roces and his (not readable) (not readable) Publishing Co. PNS under Juan Mercado as mounting a propaganda campaign against me, the First Lady and now the NBI with (not readable) of planting the money in the raid on the Quintero residence, half-truths and speculations.



June 1st (Con’t)

Malacañan Palace


I attach the reports of the raiding party of the NBI headed by Asst Director Arthur Figueras showing that the raid was legal, peaceful and orderly.

A direct bribery case has been filed or will be filed by the NBI against Delegate and possibly Mrs. Quintero in Pasay.

This morning I met with the Sec. of Justice, Solicitor General, Chief State Prosecutor Gancayco, Manila Chief of Police Gen. Tamayo, his deputy Col. Jimmy Barbero, NBI chief Col. Jolly Bugarin the chief of the NBI raiding team Asst Director Arthur Figueras and Manila Police Sgt.

I directed that they take over the case of the bribery case and see to it that the (not readable) of Delegate Quintero and others who may be accused and his witnesses be protected.

Cong. Mate went to State Prosecutor Gancayco to confirm his statement under oath that was the basis for the grant of the search warrant and will now be the basis for the criminal case of bribery that will be filed.

April 3, 1971



7:00 A.M.

April 3, 1971

Malacañan Palace



What is my central purpose in life?

I am President. I am the most powerful man in the Philippines. All that I have dreamt of I have. More accurately, I have all the material things I want in life –a wife who is loving and is a partner in the things I do, bright children who will carry my name, a life well lived –all.

But I feel a discontent.

Because I may not have done all that I can. Because I may have taken the easy and safer way out.

Jan. 9, 1971 Saturday, 11:00 pm

Bongbong left by Qantas via Hongkong, New Delhi, Teheran, Athens and London.

I talked to him, and his sisters, Imelda and Kokoy about the possibility of his mother and two sisters joining him if there should be trouble here; that whether I am there beside them or not they (the children) should value education and get a doctorate degree because even if we should lose our fortune and position here in the Philippines, then they could work their own way in the world; that if for any reason we should be separated and I should not be able to guide them after normalcy returns to the world or the Philippines as the case may be, they should return to the Philippines where their roots are; that I would prefer them marrying Filipinos…

August 29, 1970



August 29, 1970

7:00 PM

The Daily Mirror (most of the wise coffee-shop habitues call it the Daily Error) headlines that Sen. Lagumbay is being punished by me for refusing to sponsor tax measures – which is completely false as the truth is this is a Senate matter triggered by the newspapers and taken over by the Perez committee. I could not in conscience do anything but authorize the BIR to reveal his name.

Now Aytona is caught in a bind for conflict of interest.

The PNB Union and PAGE (Phil. Association of Government Employees) are also threatening a strike or demonstration.

They could not come at 6:30 PM and so I meet them at 12:00 noon tomorrow.

Played golf early in the tournament at Bonifacio to raise funds for the watering system.

Came back to the Palace in a hurry to catch the Ilocos Norte mayors and delegation being briefed by Imelda on their program for me on Monday, the eve of my birthday celebration. Retreated when Imelda shooed me away.

Inaugurated at 5:00 PM the CAA-PAF management operation and information center. Gave a plaque of appreciation to Gen. McNickle of the 13th Air Force USAF for the help like the radar we are using at MIA now, electric generators after the earthquake, etc.

1:10 AM

Have just arrived from Sec. Romulo’s house at Forbes Park where the cabinet tendered me a dinner for my birthday celebration on the 1st of September.

He had been able to collect an impressive collection of cablegrams from heads of state and heads of government. Although this message-sending is a yearly occurrence.

Dinner was up to 10:00 PM – then a reception and dance up to 12:15 AM.

This is a tradition I hope will be followed throughout the years as a President must depend for success upon his cabinet.



            We also had the first picture taken of the cabinet with me (only the Vice-President was absent).

I am getting all the cabinet men to work. As I said in my response to Sec. Romulo, there is one basic difference between the cabinet of Pres. Quezon and my cabinet and that is that Quezon’s cabinet was composed mostly of political kingpins while my cabinet is composed of technocrats mostly without political backing.

I also announced the policy of more autonomy for bureau directors and department heads as well as the objective of establishing a civil service that can operate efficiently without the intervention except on basic policy of an elective legislature or even the President or department head.

August 19, 1970


August 19, 1970

11:00 PM

Imelda went alone to Quezon Province on Quezon’s birthday celebration and as usual was mobbed by the people in the five towns she visited with Sen. Pres. Pro Tempore Jose Roy.

Speculations will continue snowballing about her running for President after me.

Assured the German financiers and suppliers of Abaca Pulp and Paper Industry that the government is interested in the project and will push it through. This was necessary as the funds have lain idle for some time.

Scolded Gen. Garcia for announcing that he had ordered 3,000 armalites for the PC. In the first place this is not true as only two thousand five hundred have been bought and it was not his idea. It violates our security measures.

Am pushing the setting up of occupancy installations in Flat Island and Naushan Island because Freedom Island or Itu Ato has been occupied by the Nationalist government. I ordered the Air Force to air-photo the islands and they have submitted their report. The occupancy of Flat Island and Naushan Island will protect our shores – Palawan and our present grant of oil drilling rights in the Palawan shelf to the Seafront.

May 16, 1970

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.39.29 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.39.41 PM.png


May 16, 1970
The Mansion, Baguio

10:50 PM, Sunday
May 17th

I write this only tonight as the trip by boat last night was rough and I went to sleep at 11:00 PM. We started from Pier 15 at 8:15 and arrived at the San Fernando pier at 9:45 AM today. Outside the breakwater we were on a SE course with the wind from the North so we were rolling a little. This stopped when we rounded Cochines point at the south of the Bataan Peninsula. But the swells in the China Sea made Bongbong sick, he had to be given half a bonamine. Stevie Cu Unjieng vomited twice and Tessie Yulo once. But the rest were all good sailors.

In the morning I left at 7:30 AM to Lipa City – Fernando Air Base to speak at the graduation of the Flying Cadets (19) and student officers (12 and PMA’ers). Had to travel by car and it took us one hour and a half because of the fact that the airplane crashes have made Meldy nervous everytime I fly. (We just received from PAL the picture of the AVRO plane that crashed at Pantabangan with its tail section blown off apparently by explosives, then the right wing disintegrating then turning upside down just before impact on the ground). The PAC plane of Boy Tuason, Andy Roxas and Peggy Lim had an engine burn on take-off, the pilot feathered it but banked steeply on the dead engine instead of the functioning one, so stalled and crashed on its nose. The PAL Fokker plane that crashed in Iligan took off below minimal requirements as it was raining heavily and visibility was 100 yards, hit a mound of dirt on the side, twisted around and burned after all the passengers had escaped the plane. The stewardess who was about to put on her belt was thrown off the door that flew open and died of a cracked skull (the only casualty).

Returned to Manila at 10:30 AM to arrive at the Escolta PNB building at 12:00 to address the Rice and Corn


May 16, 1970 ( Cont)



Federation convention.

Then went to Malacañang at 1:00 PM to meet Gen. Menzi on his Pulp and Paper project and the PHILCOX man, Tony Tiotko on the navigational aids valued at $12.5 million they are installing.

At 3:00 PM after some conferences and a 15 minute nap, I was at Del Monte to inaugurate the new 15,000 cavan a day rice polishing and processing plant of the Mindanao Progress Corporation of Roberto Tulio. Conference at Bonifacio 4:30 PM to 7:00. Malacañan to pick up some books, papers and clothes and was at the boat at 7:30 PM where I met Henry Martel on the Navotas reclamation project of Ramon Clinamco and Monching Cojuangco on the PLDT franchise which Maj. Fl. Leader Veloso badly mishandled. I had warned him that his asking ₱200,000 only for Montano the minority

floor leader was going to lead to a scandal. Monching Cojuangco also went ahead and paid the grease money although I do not believe Lening when he says that he did not keep any part of it. The House on the motion of Maning Zosa and the promptings of Danding Cojuangco voted to recall of the franchise and now there is a serious move to change Veloso as majority floor leader.

I scolded Monching a little for the bungling.

Imelda is smarting from Nini Quezon Avanceña’s remarks to Fanny Aldaba Lim that we may be hardworking, intelligent and sincere but we are making too much money. She mentioned Al Yuchengco. We are also supposed to own Atlas, Dole, AG&P and other big corporations. If they only knew!!!!


February 23, 1970 Monday



Office of the President

of the Philippines




February 23, 1970




1:10 AM


The Lopezes are more and more vicious through their columnists. Ernesto Granada happily refers to me as snake-like. He probably knows he is suspected as a communist by me. And so does I.P. Soliongco.

But the Lopez contributions to the radicals is their premium payments for insurance. They do not know that they would be the first to go if the communists take over.

Adevoso and his co-conspirators have met again. They are still at it.

Ninoy Aquino attacked the fertilizer plant project of the sugar planters in a privilege speech – a project that I have already ordered to be suspended.

Villalon testified before the Joint Committee to the effect that the Liberals specially Osmeña funded and encouraged the demonstrations. There must be consternation among the Liberals.

Looks like the demonstrations will continue and they may become more violent.

Met with the PACD and barrio officials who reaffirmed their trust and confidence in me.

Imelda went to the Tondo slums and relates how the children are eating only once a day and in some instances three times a week. So we have decided to convert Tondo into a model city – as a priority project.