Dec. 28, 1941

Slept at Dyaka mine. The other Americans had gone on ahead the preceding day. Leaving Dyaka we went up hill on a easy ten percent trail for two hours when we hit trail of Col. Bonnett men, but two days later. Took this trail to old Kyappa now called Pampang. Were told how to get to our proper route to Kyappa proper. Met many PA men on their way back north. Said that Belete Pass was in the hands of the Japs and that Majors Moses and Noble had disbanded their units and had gone on horseback as civilians. Met so many of them and they all told the same story so guess it is true. We kept on to Pampang, then Lt Justo and one American asked permission to go on, granted it.

Dec. 27, 1941

Mr. Jorgensen put us on the trail but gave us the wrong one. He sent us to Dyaca inward of Kyappa instead of toward Kyappa proper. By doing this we lost two days and failed to get to Imugan on the 28th as we should have. He even gave us the harder route to Dyaca. It surely was hell. Even had to cut a new route from the trail we were on to the correct one to Dyaka.