September 1, 1945

Kyoto party returned 10 PM with truck load of surplus supplies from other camps. Everyone up the rest of the night distributing and eating. 0

August 30, 1945

Final payment of wages ¥ 1947.84. Canteen fund ¥ 30. Col. Unruh, Capt. Lineberry, Lt. Gus Johnson, Jack Ryder left for Kyoto by truck 11 PM. 0

3rd August, 1945

In this breathing-spell before invasion, it is strange, looking around, to see how imperceptibly and yet how inevitably these people and their country, through the small gradual deteriorations of every day, have come to the edge of the pit. One scarcely notices from one week to another, even from one month to the next, how greatly things have changed; how …