Dec. 11, 1941

Fellows phoned Suyoc and Lepanto go help Distr. Engrs. demolish roads north of Baguio per USAFFE instructions. He has been very level headed. Moved the Japs to #6 Scout Hill and put up fence. Bombed again at 10:30 but no material damage. One empty QMC warehouse damaged and Sgt Cook injured. Put Lt Murphy on Naguilian road on out post.

November 16th, 1899

Departed for Tubao, where we rested in the evening; then to Aringay, Cava and Bauang, where we took our meal; then to Naguilian. We intended to stay here to rest for several days; but at 10 o’clock in the evening of the 19th or thereabouts, the proximity of the enemy forced us to flee, taking the trails through the mountains of San Fernando and Bacnotan to the outskirts of San Juan and Balanang, where we arrived at 8 o’clock in the evening. We slept here; and on the following day, the 21st, started for Bañga and Tagudin, where we took our lunch. We continued our trip to Candon. We spent the night in this place. The next day, the 22nd, we headed for Salcedo, where we ate lunch; then for Concepción, where we spent the evening. On the 23rd, we departed for Angake. We suspended our trip for a few days, until the 30th, when we proceeded to Cervantes, Lepanto.