April 30, 1942

Our troops at Mabaay Gate still holding. Tagudin force now reported at Cervantes. The bridge here is out so they will have to build feery, but that is easy. The Japs are the best carpenters and road builders in the world. The public officials at Bontoc are evacuating to Lubuagan. Guess it won’t be long now. We all feel that the Japanese were somewhat forced into this thing by a few of our diplomats. But now that we are in it we will have to fight it out to a finish. They have won the initial rounds and will have things their own way for two more months. But after that we will have our innings.

April 10, 1942

Here it is. Received word from Gen. Wainwright authorizing me to assemble our PA trainees into the 121st Infantry PA. This gives me something definite to work on. Leave tomorrow for Lubuagan to meet my new Bn Cmdrs. to give them their instructions. Hope they get there.

Cont’d. Bad news. Almost upon receipt of orders to organize the 121st Inf. came the news of the fall of Bataan. Had we only had a fine weeks of intensive training for the Regt. we might have had a fine outfit for the USAFFE big push. But now it looks as if there might be no help for us for a long time. As long as Bataan held out we had hopes of a relief expedition. But now Luzon has no tactical nor strategical value until we can gradually wrk north from Australia. This will take a long time. But we will still try to organize the units to be ready when the time comes, i.e., if the enemy will let us alone.