June 3, 1972


10:30 PM


June 3, 1972

Makati Medical Center

We brought Imelda to the hospital at 7:00 AM. She went direct to the operating room. Dra. Quintin Gomez and Dr. Paciencia (not readable) (not readable) anasthesized her by 7:40 AM when Dras. Aragon and Isidro started the D & C ( Dilatation and curettage ) the several of the remnants of the aborted fetus from the uterus. They were through with the operation by 8:00 AM. And she woke up at 8:30 AM.

A medical bulletin was issued at 12:00 AM. I attach a copy.

We scarcely slept last night.

Studied the evidence and dictated an outline for trial and cross examination to Kits Tatad.

Pres. Villatuya came to show the (not readable) of the P100,000 time deposit of Quintero as of January 1972. But it was his quantity of about P96,000.

Comm. Vera came to show his income tax returns showing Quintero had been cheating on his taxes, (not readable) his income and assets.

Met the media in a TV interview at 8:00 PM. I admitted I was bitter because I had lost a child and this was due to our sick society which I would



June 3, D (Con’t)

try to reform within the short time that I had.

I hope the public does not give all (not readable) of meanings to this statement.

But I am bitter and angry!

October 24, 1944

Some twenty planes made a thunderous attack over Nichols, catching the guardians of the city unaware. They did not hit as accurately as on the first day.

In San Pedro, Makati, bombs were dropped off-target. A boat in Manila Bay was bombed several times but it remained firmly afloat.

A Japanese official attributed this poor hitting precision to the fact that the pilots were Canadians, not Americans. That was a consolation for the Imperial Air Force which had already lost supremacy of the air in the Philippines since the first day.

A good part of the Japanese officialdom is gradually being convinced, not only of the possibility of losing the war, but also of the improbability of winning it. The troops are a small ignorant herd who, upon landing on this soil a few months ago, were asking if they had embarked in Australia. A number of officers are worried about being forced to commit harakiri should they lose this last battle. One Catholic among them, on being advised that it was prohibited for him to commit suicide, remarked that he and his family would be dishonored and could no longer live in Japan.

Friday, March 10th, 1899

their was a little fighting all along the line but no damage was made this was also Kept up all day a few Amerikans where killed and many Insurgent where Killed at St Peter Macardy this was almost captured by the Californians but hadnt Force enough to hold and therefor retreathed the Utah and Pannsylvanians where Engaged in the afternoon on Utah Lt was wounded in the Leg for the first time the Insurgent used their Artelery sins the 15th Febr but none of them reached our Trenches the Utahs soon silensed them at Taps every thing is quiet on the line the Sick and wounded are doing fine at the Hospital

Their was a little fighting all along the line but no damage was made. This was also kept up all day. A few Americans were killed and many insurgents were killed at San Pedro Macati. This was almost captured by the Californians but they hadn’t force enough to hold and therefore retreated. The Utah Battery and Pennsylvania Regiment were engaged all afternoon. One Utah lieutenant was wounded in the leg. For the first time the insurgents used their artillery since the 15th of February but none of them reached our trenches. The Utah Battery soon silenced them at Taps. Everything is quiet on the line. The sick and wounded are doing fine at the hospital.

Viernes 22 de Julio 1898

Hoy se ha abandonado una trinchera muy avanzada de difícil defensa próxima a S. Pedro Macati. De resultas del abandono entre 7 y 8 de la noche ha habido en toda la línea un tiroteo espantoso. El estampido del cañón era continuo. Dicen que nosotros hemos tenido 30 bajas en toda la línea, y muchas el enemigo. (…) Hace muchos días que para proveer de carne á la población, anda la Veterana arramblando con todos los carabaos de los particulares sin avisar á nadie.