Saturday, Feb. 3, 1945

We saw the fires across the river, otherwise we had no knowledge of what was going on in the other side. The bridges had been blown up, so we had only rumors without confirmation til Friday morning. We were in the Ateneo. 0

JUNE 28, 1944 (Wednesday)

Tokyo Suijō Keisatsusho (Tokyo Water Police Station). At 2:00 p.m., as part of our school schedule, we visited the Tokyo Water Police Station on the bank of the Sumida River. The Station Chief received us, and, boarding two police motor boats, we enjoyed a nice ride along Tokyo’s principal river (like Manila’s own Pasig), passing under huge steel bridges that …

July 15, 1942

More war prisoners released, thank God. The prison camps are death holes. Attended a meeting of restaurant owners at the Office of the Mayor. I made the following suggestions subject to the approval of the Naric and subsequently of the Military Administration: (a) Each restaurant owner shall state the name and address of their restaurant, the amount of rice required …

Dec. 23, 1899

Still on the boat we think we will land monday. Left boat about 4 PM were put on lighters and sent up the Pasig River to a place called San Pedro Macati 6 miles from Manila arrived at 12 PM 0

August 15 — Tuesday 1899

Some firing along lines around by shore early in a.m., but all day was very quiet. Killed a fat hog today and the boys fed well. Washing clothes in p.m. and laid around until they were dry. Many of the 21st boys suffering from fever. They are green, only been here four mos. Today they were going to take city, …

7-9 Sunday, 1899

Hardest rain I ever saw. All day. River rose rapidly & flowed up to Laguna. Carried away several fish traps, & our bridge. Rio roaring past now with a rush & all sorts of houses, canoes, traps & debris flowing out into the great fresh H²O lake. Ferry out at Pasig –Sunday & lonesome. 0


Wrote to Carrie Crawford. Several canoe loads of amigos came down Rio in a.m. from Arizona. No guns, so Maj. sent back. 0

June 29th-99

Cool today & the rain has ceased. Rio is finally flowing to the sea, instead of visa versa. On guard tonight. 0

June 4th-99

On El Rio Pasig on casco in two going up river, ten battalions of Wn. 0