October 23, 1972


12:30 PM

Oct. 23, 1972


Malacañan Palace


Credentials presentation of Ambassador of Portugal.

Courtesy call of Mr. and Mrs. Wrigley.

Briefing on the GMTFM by DBP and cooperatives.

Housing for officers in Fort Bonifacio.

Areas in Science and Research that should be emphasized –Gen. Medina– including nuclear power plant, milk from coconut simpler process of metal extraction, Forest Products research, typhoon moderation etc.

Convention of Judges and Fiscals –The constitutional revolution.

Then report of Gen. Ramos. I ordered all out force against the rebels before negotiations. Two PC & more units.

Tonight we previewed the PAL five screen presentation of the Philippines –and NBC’s Jack Reynolds film on the Tasadays after badmington.

August 16, 1970

03 Diary of Ferdinand Marcos, 1970, 0261b-0412 (Jul01-Oct07)


August 16, 1970

12:05 AM

Posed for Florante Caedo, the young sculptor, from 10:00-12:00, for a bust from the life mask he made of me last Friday night. Imelda will be next. I will pose for him again Tuesday night.

Imelda visited Nini this afternoon with Dr. Estefania Aldaba Lim to make amends for the hurt that Hartzel Spence’ book on me. And she brought my letter of regrets. For the book had made it appear as if Pres. Quezon had persecuted me when the truth was that the subalterns, Maj. Guado of the NBI, then Fiscal Macadaeg, the Valle brothers of Tarlac, had done the falsification of the evidence specially the testimony of Calixto Aguinaldo from sheer bureaucratic overzealousness. Pres. Quezon had merely ordered justice to be meted out to the guilty party as I do now as President.

I believe I have prevented a PAL strike after I got CAB to increase the domestic rates and PAL increase the wages although this is not apparently acceptable to the unions.

Am working on the inclusion of administration press stories in the news throw-in sheet of the magazines specially the Liwayway Publications.

Am still obsessed about a good publishing house.

February 27, 1950

Up at 5:30 and to airport with Adm. Giles Stedman. Got off at 7 a.m. by Philippine Air Lines Skymaster (DC-4). Up east coast of Formosa in good weather, but, on rounding north end of island, met heavy clouds and little ceiling. Pilot nosed around for 3/4 of an hour trying to find a break, but had to give it up and go on to Okinawa, where we landed about 2 p.m., and had lunch. Took off about 4 p.m. and, this time, managed to get in to Taipei at 6. 11 hours to complete a 4 hour flight. Adm. Stedman and a few other passengers were continuing on to Tokyo-another 7 or 8 hours. Met at airport by Lo Ching Hsiang, Fang Tu and about 15 members of the staff.