September 9, 1945

Leave Rokuroshi in Nip trucks 8 AM. Arrive Fukui 12 and stayed until 6. Walked about with Johnny Valkenaar and bought black wooden lacquer bowls, smoking set, obi, small china bowl, etc. Not much to buy. 0

September 8, 1945

Major Orr arrived 6 AM with load of food. “Processing party” of about 20 people – FREE AMERICANS – arrived 10 AM. Big bon fire and celebration in the evening. 0

September 7, 1945

Major Orr and Lt. Wilson left for Osaka for food and information. 0

September 5, 1945

Coffee, hard-tack, cheese and jam in AM, celebrating Smitty’s wedding anniversary. People report 10 kilos weight gain, despite over eating and sickness of some. 0

September 4, 1945

Still painfully abed but much interesting reading in state-side magazines. Miss the ads, deleted from special overseas editions. 0

September 3, 1945

Labor day. I had to quit galley because I have worst attack of piles I’ve ever had. Plenty to eat, liberty to go about, and I’m flat on my back! 0

September 2, 1945

At 4 PM the United States flag was raised over our camp, now named Camp Mallette. Ferris asked me at 9 AM to work in galley – okay. Six B 29’s dropped 150 chutes loaded with food, clothing, medicine, magazines at 10 to 11 AM. I stayed up until 1 AM cooking “beans for breakfast.” Hubert Shurtz ate 20 lbs …

September 1, 1945

Kyoto party returned 10 PM with truck load of surplus supplies from other camps. Everyone up the rest of the night distributing and eating. 0

August 30, 1945

Final payment of wages ¥ 1947.84. Canteen fund ¥ 30. Col. Unruh, Capt. Lineberry, Lt. Gus Johnson, Jack Ryder left for Kyoto by truck 11 PM. 0