November 6, 1944

Air alarm at 4:30 a.m. One plane shot down and crashed near Mandaluyong. Exploded and lit up the country side. All clear sounded at 6:29 a.m.

Air alarm again at 7:27 a.m. Heaviest bombing and anti-aircraft fire of all. All clear at 11:10 a.m.

12:40 p.m. air alarm. Planes already overhead. Saw 20 planes bomb and strafe Marquino valley; appeared to be between Marikina and San Mateo. Strafing continued for about twenty minutes. Several fires started. Quiet at 1:30 p.m.

Monday, Sept. 11th, 1899

Went to Manila Thursday to see Genl. Snyder & Romayne. Remained there till yesterday, getting back at 4 p.m. Had a glorious time. Fine weather for last week. On return was told by Col. Parker that he had recommended me for Medal of Honor on acc’t of San Mateo affair. Extract from his report of fight: “Nothing I can say can properly express my admiration for the behavior of officers & men under fire xxx It is difficult to make a distinction in speaking of the good behavior of the officers, but the most conspicuous among the many acts of gallantry performed by them was the example of Captain Wilhelm, standing erect in the road at the front of the line amid a perfect hail of bullets…” My ²Lt. Haskell joined on 7th. just as I was leaving for Manila.

Monday, August 14, 1899

Marched at 6 arriving Manila 8.30. Waited till 10.30 when order rec’d to proceed to points on R.R. north of Manila where there was trouble. Left 3.30, two companies & Hdqrs going to Bacane [Bocaue?] & McCaskey’s & my Co. to Biyan [Biñan?]. Arrived 5.30 & rec’d Co. of 16th who had just had skirmish with enemy. Placed outposts & spent night –had terrific attack diarrhoea which was made worse by piles developed on S. Mateo trip.

Saturday, August 12, 1899

[Battle of San Mateo]

Left camp 5.45, crossed San Mateo at 6. Command 3 detachments of 50 each from 21st. –myself Spurgin & Weeks, 50 men of 4th. Cavy — 80 of 24th. Inf. whole commanded by Capt. Parker 4th. Cavy. My Co. in advance from Maraquina [Mariquina] to San Mateo — rebels made two strong stands on south banks of streams tributary to San Mateo R. In first, 1st. Sgt. Rollins, Pvt. Collins, wounded, latter dying next day. In second, Pvt. Wellington wounded. Total casualties in command 20 –(4 killed)– among them Lt. Weeks who was shot through body but will recover. Entered S. Mateo about 1. At 1.30 Cronin’s command of 150 men from 25th –supposed to co-operate with us arrived from Novaliches on opp. side river. 4th Cav’y –2 troops– under Capt. Rivers operated on r. bank of river losing one man killed. Spent night in Comdg Genl’s qrs. at San Mateo –Gen’l Geronimo & Ynaye.